Posted on May 09, 2019

The US-Qatar Business Council (USQBC) hosted a networking lunch to welcome Mr. Fahad Al-Dosari, Qatar's newly appointed Commercial Attaché to the United States. 

The reception welcomed over 60 members of the business community and was hosted at the recently opened Conrad Hotel near CityCenterDC. CityCenterDC was one of Qatar’s first major investments in the United States, totaling over $650 million, and reshaped the downtown DC neighborhood. Ambassador Anne Patterson, USQBC's President, welcomed guests to the lunch and introduced Mr. Al-Dosari. Mr. Al-Dosari is the first Commercial Attaché of the State of Qatar to the United States, and his posting is part of an initiative of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry to place representatives overseas to further increase trade and investment. His appointment was made alongside appointments of Attachés to the UK and France.

Mr. Al-Dosari is well-versed in international trade, having served with Qatari delegations to the World Trade Organization. He also participated in the Gulf Cooperation Council's trade negotiations with China and represented Qatar in the joint committees to Singapore and the Scandinavian countries to review trade agreements. Mr. Al-Dosari was a major participant in handling the World Trade Organization's periodic reviews of Qatar's trade policy. He graduated from American University in Dubai with a degree in business management and assumed his duties in Washington in February. 

"Minister Al-Kuwari has named one of his best to the US to ensure that the US-Qatar bilateral commercial relationship continues to prosper," said Ambassador Patterson, adding that "he has arrived in the US at a very promising time for US-Qatar business relations. We wish you and your family all professional and personal happiness here." Mr. Al-Dosari thanked the US-Qatar Business Council for hosting him, expressing his eagerness to tackle the work ahead of him. "I appreciate such a warm welcome to Washington, and look forward to getting to know all of you in the coming months," said Mr. Al-Dosari, "though I have a lot of work before me, I am appreciative of my partners here in Washington, and confident we can make a positive impact on the US-Qatar trade relationship." 

Mohammed Barakat, Managing Director of the US-Qatar Business Council, commented on the appointment of Mr. Al-Dosari saying, “Mr. Al-Dosari’s appointment is the first step in further deepening the US-Qatar trade relationship and shows the importance of the US to the Qatari economy. We look forward to working with Mr. Al-Dosari and the Ministry of Commerce & Industry to further develop the trade relationship.”