Posted on November 12, 2017

What has the experience at QF taught you about?

Being international student and having opportunity to come to a great country like Qatar, and an awesome multicultural city as Doha I felt blessed to be here and honored to get this opportunity to be a part of this colorful environment.

My university experience in Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU), has been very rewarding in a sense that wealth of knowledge is at the tip of your fingers and it’s up to you how much you can absorb. I used every opportunity to acquire as much knowledge as physically possible. The creativity of teaching staff was amazing and gave me great insight into possibilities of what future may offer and they were true mentors in choosing the right path. Throughout the schooling in HBKU I was looking for higher challenge and more knowledge in fields of Public Policy, which is my main point of interest, thus I thus started to research in regards of my academic orientation.

Qatar Foundation (QF) has demonstrated to have the most eligible and most accommodating program that totally captured my attention and I knew I had to be a part of it.Therefore, during my bachelor’s studies it was not big burden but rather pleasure to push to achieve the best results in order to receive scholarship for QF. The fact that I was working full time to provide for my family here and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, meant it was tricky form time to time and I had experienced some ups & downs due to these circumstances. However keeping an eye on target in front of me and beautiful award in horizon, helped me to gather much needed strength and patience to endure this pace."

Happy conclusion of bachelors study - I have moved on to further educational advanced opportunity at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar Foundation where I completed (MA in Public Policy in Islam).

Why you chose certain subjects to study and how does it relate to the work you are doing now?

The time spent at HBKU was valuable in many ways if you are smart about it. Qatar Foundation did not only affect enrichment in my academic side but as well as life lessons which have been most rewarding for my personality. Academics were very challenging, interesting, lectures were clear to the point and the outcome of those lectures were clearly shown at the end of semester. Clear profit of being part of QF community was in unlimited access of facilities that they have provided like: CIS and Qatar National Library (QNL), the amazing selection of the literature that is not available in many countries, the most up to date and versatile literature that was very appealing to my knowledge, by my opinion the Qatar Foundation has made a man out of me, making me more independent, self-confident, professional, goal oriented, even do I was under impression that I was goal oriented before joining QF. Attending and handling many projects, events at QF has been great award for me as I had experienced international level events experience that I never had a chance to do.

Public policy was always great interest of mine;because public policy studies are oriented towards concrete solutions to practical problems. We use theory and evidence to design, implement and evaluate policies to improve living conditions for the citizens of our country and the world.

How did you come up with the idea of a Student community page and accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinknedIn? What is the purpose of it?

The fast pace of student life in Qatar has brought me to think that there was not enough information available for new students who are interested to take studies here. Not only the new coming students but as well the students who are in Qatar, the total information was scattered around and you didn’t have the place to go and understand things like: general information about studies, application requirements, scholarship programs, internship program, part time jobs, volunteering and many others.

My target was to create community that could be used by any student in Qatar or international students who are interested in joining our educational community here. Experience I had and fact finding mission helped me to easily relate to challenges of future students so I successfully centralized all information and activities on one place. I also encouraged all students to participate and create a rich well of information. Lots of universities are doing fine job in this regard but there is always something missing and there was no proper link between universities.Students are smart, and pragmatic. They quickly recognized 1 Stop Shop. They can now do advanced research and explore their option, decide on their next move. It also opens a great opportunity to high school students and their parents for move closer and takes realistic look inside the actual university that they might offer for their kids.

What advice you would give to others who are thinking on the same lines?

Explore Qatar. Explore educational options here! This is a rare spot on the planet that presents a most beautiful melting pot of cultures, respecting differences, and celebrating diversities. It offers excellent opportunities in higher education in every field of study, and the facilities are simply amazing. Here, you have the opportunity to learn from the best professors in the East and the West. Qatar Foundation becomes oasis and the cradle of knowledge and everyone should take advantage of it. Therefore, I would highly recommend to everyone to pursue their educational objectives at Qatar.

If you are already here – do not waste a minute! Engage. Immerse. Keep an eye on your target all the time & don’t forget to have fun!!!