Posted on June 02, 2016

Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar (VCUQatar) has announced the details of its art and design summer program for children and high school students. The program will run from June 26 until August 18 at VCUQatar at Education City.

It provides opportunities for young people to learn art and design skills who may not have access to them at their own schools, as well as other young people who want to further their artistic abilities during the summer holidays. Four courses are being offered during the Holy Month of Ramadan and eight during the first three weeks of August. Bundle discounts are available. The courses will last an average of five days, and take place from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. One course - The Art Fun, Tea Party – has already sold out and VCUQatar is anticipating strong demand for places for the other 11 courses that are listed below.

For more information on the courses, dates and exact times as well as prices, please visit VCUQatar’s website at:

Summer School Art Courses

Art Exploration - ages 8 to 12, June 26-30, taught by Verity Watkins, a highly talented animal portrait artist, who encourages students to design their own creatures and develop creative stories.

Print Workshop - ages 8 to 12, July 3-4 , by Verity Watkins. Students will design patterns and learn to cut rubber-printing blocks using specialist-cutting tools.

Fashion Illustration, - age 13+, June 26-30 and July 31 - August 4.  These fashion-related courses will be taught by Korean artist, designer and applied scientist Yang Soon Ju, a VCUQatar fashion design graduate.

Fashion Design Portfolio, - age 14 +, August 7 – 18, taught by Yang Soon Ju.

Expressive Drawing & Painting, ages 6-9, July 31 –August 4.  Taught by Charlene Kasdorf, a Canadian artist, illustrator, and educator who has contributed to many Qatar-based art and education projects.

Illustrated Ideas, ages 6-9, August 7 – 18. A 10-day course also taught by Kasdorf where students are encouraged to bring in and share their favorite books, toys, stuffed animals or other special objects.

Experimental Print & Collage, ages 10 -15, July 31- August 4 and Creative Discovery, ages 10-15, August 7-18, are both taught by Dr. Melanie Buffington, Ph.D., an Associate Professor of Art Education at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, USA.

Arts Intensive, - age 16 +,July 31- August 4 and taught by Jan Johnston, who holds a Master’s degree in Art Education from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, USA. Students will learn painting, printmaking, silk painting, paper mache, computer graphics and photography amongst others. Johnson also teaches Design Intensive which takes place from August 7 – 18 for teenagers of 16+.

All courses being held during the VCUQatar summer program will culminate with an exhibition of student work that will be open to family and friends.