Posted on June 15, 2011

Seven artists from various countries including the US, France, Qatar, Finland, Jordan and Lebanon will showcase their works at the "Outreach" exhibition, currently on show at the Visual Art Centre Exhibition Hall in Doha. The 10-day art expo, organized by the Visual Art Centre, aims at using various creative techniques in visual art in communicating concepts to the public, English daily (The Peninsula) reported Tuesday.

Aaron Reed’s ‘Accumulation’ series is one of the more captivating artworks on display for the choice of materials and use of colors. "This series is based on the idea of accumulation, that people and governments in countries accumulate things overtime both natural and manufactured. It is also based on my accumulation of ideas artistically," said Reed, who finished Fine Arts with honors from the University of California, Los Angeles. Dominant in the materials used in the mixed media artworks is sand, which for the teacher-artist is representative of Qatar in an abstract way. "This is my own reaction of living in Qatar and what I see in Qatar. I looked for a representation of the country and for Qatar, the colors the texture and material is much of the land itself," he said.

French painter Alain Gestin’s very contemporary paintings are characterized by vibrant colors and dynamic movement. "My paintings are a combination of colors and movement. I paint based on a particular sensation and idea which turns out to be a powerful symbol on canvas," Gestin explained adding, his works are influenced by his travels to the Middle East. "I am currently working on the theme ‘mother and child’ which was inspired by my trip to Syria," he said.

The exhibition also focuses on unique and colorful ceramic artworks by Qatari artist Asia Al Qahtani. Other works featured are innovative paintings by Finnish Johanna Oras, paintings by seasoned Jordanian painter Mohanna Durra, photomontage by Finnish Riita Nelimarkka, and photography by Lebanese Wadad Said Hashisho.