Posted on May 10, 2017

Vodafone brought the power of its international network and expertise to Qatar by revealing today innovative changes to the rules of mobile, designed to give customers more fairness, freedom and differentiation.

The launch was held at the Marsa Malaz Kempinski Hotel in the presence of Vodafone’s senior executive team including the company’s Chief Executive Officer Ian Gray and representatives from charities Eid, Qatar Charity and RAF and members of the press.

Inaugurating the event, Mohamed Al-Sadah, Chief Operating Officer, Vodafone Qatar said, “In our 8 years in Qatar we have brought better value, better competition and better service to the market supported by a world class network infrastructure that we’ve built worth QR 1bn. Moreover, we’re providing innovative products and services supported by our award winning customer care that is recognised for commitment to deliver an exceptional customer service.” Commercial Director Diego Camberos presented the new services that will be included on Vodafone’s Red plans saying, “Thanks to being part of one of the biggest telecommunications companies in the world, we have been able to launch many innovative products and services in Qatar. Today, we continue to bring our global expertise and innovation to address the needs of the market.”

Vodafone Global Data, because Vodafone believes in Travel Freedom

Vodafone Red customers can experience the global power of Vodafone as it allows in-plan data to be used in 20 countries where Vodafone is present globally. For the first time in Qatar—and with zero extra charges—Vodafone Red customers can enjoy travel freedom, as the data included in their plans can be used in Qatar, UK, Turkey, Italy and many more countries.

Bill Manager, because Vodafone believes in Fair Bills

With Bill Manager customers will never get hit with a bill shock from any data or roaming usage. Vodafone Red, and all Vodafone Postpaid plans, now have Bill Manager active by default. Bill Manager automatically ensures customers are placed on the lowest possible add-on for all extra data or roaming usage. This means customers never again need to worry about which add-on to select or when, as Vodafone will automatically take care of this—without reducing any data speeds. Additionally, only Vodafone offers Spend Limit, which allows all Postpaid customers to set the limit of their choice on each number they own.

Vodafone changes the rules 2 [].jpgMy Network Name, because Vodafone believes in personalisation

Vodafone Qatar is the first operator in the world to allows customers to select the network name of their choice, so that each number really feels personal. This innovative new feature is accessible by Vodafone Red customers, and is available for free with the exclusive Red VIP plan. The Network Name service gives you the possibility of setting your name/initials/or word of your choice, to appear as your network on your phone in place of Vodafone Qatar. 

Personal VIP Manager, because Vodafone believes in world-class customer service

Vodafone’s top plans on Red will have access to a dedicated VIP manager who will be their point of contact for any service requirements, new handset request or support.

Automatic Charity Donations, because Vodafone believes in making a difference for those in need

Support a cause with Vodafone Easy Donations. Customers can donate a monthly amount between QR 100 and 300 and support their quest to enhance others’ lives.  100% of their selected donations will be passed on to the charity of your choice. 

  • Qatar Charity: Primary Education Fund for low income students in Qatar
  • RAF Charity: Orphans Sponsorship programme supporting life expenses of orphans
  • Eid Charity: Low Income Family Fund

Vodafone changes the rules 3 [].jpg

The innovative MyCar Service, because Vodafone believes in full control

MyCar allows users to track exactly when their car is being driven, at what speeds and which locations. The device is installed seamlessly under the car hood, and is tracked via an easy-to-use mobile application. We believe this service is especially useful to track the trip of children from/to school, and to locate the whereabouts of drivers.

Vodafone Red plans are:

In addition to the innovative features on the new Vodafone Red, Vodafone has announced two new services, for all its customers to benefit from:

Vodafone Points, because Vodafone rewards loyalty
The brand new loyalty programme, Vodafone Points rewards customers—not only on their spend—but on how long they have been a Vodafone customer. This is the first reward approach of its kind in Qatar. Points can be viewed on the MyVodafone app, and can be used to pay bills, purchase devices and more.

Directory Service 180
Vodafone has availed the popular directory service, 180. Through sending a SMS to 180, customers may retrieve the exact contact info of almost any place in Qatar. The service is available at no charge for all Vodafone customers.

For further information visit or your nearest Vodafone store.