Posted on December 02, 2018

To mark International Day of Persons with Disabilities that’s globally observed on 3 December, Vodafone in collaboration with the Shafallah Center for Persons with Disability, held a training workshop for its sales staff on how to communicate and deal effectively with customers with disabilities.

The workshop focused on disability awareness and communicating with customers with disabilities. This took into account different types of physical, sensory and learning disabilities to ensure the highest standards of customer service is given across the entire customer base. Vodafone's accessibility initiative aims to make Vodafone as accessible and inclusive as possible to all members of society, supporting social inclusion of individuals with disabilities. Vodafone’s long running programme, “Vodafone for All”, amongst other initatives, offers a 50% discount on Red Postpaid plans and 10% discount on selected handsets to people with disabilities.

“As a communications provider it is our corporate responsibility to enable individuals with disabilities to be part of the communications technology revolution. It is a basic human right to be able to communicate, and we want to ensure that our disabled customers are well connected with society,” said Mohammed Al Yami, External Affairs Director, Vodafone Qatar. “This starts with making our own staff more aware of how to communicate effectively with customers with disabilities. We thank the Shafallah Center for helping us do this with the essential training they provided us,” continued Al Yami.