Posted on March 21, 2016

Vodafone announced that it has launched a new voice technology that improves the quality of calls made within their whole 3G network. This new technology makes it easier to hear or be heard on your mobile, offering crystal clear conversations. The technology filters out background noise too, so if you’re stood in a noisy environment like a busy street or shopping mall, you’ll be able to hear people’s voices clearly.

In addition, the technology allows for a better conference call experience which people in a business environment will especially benefit from. “At Vodafone we carry a huge amount of voice traffic over our network so we are acutely aware of the importance of high quality voice for our customers. Being part of one of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, Vodafone Group Plc, we are able to bring the best technology to Qatar to empower people to make better connections,” said Mohamed Al Sadah (pictured), Chief Operating Officer, Vodafone Qatar.

This latest technological addition to its network comes as part of Vodafone’s network enhancement journey which began in early 2015 that saw the upgrade of all their network sites to make it at the forefront of technology. Hundreds of indoor and outdoor sites were installed and customers began enjoying 300% more data capacity, 300% more 4G coverage and 30% more 3G coverage with a special focus on increasing the capacity in the most populated areas in Qatar. The company was so confident about their network enhancements that in November last year they offered all port-in customers and new postpaid customers a money back promise.

To enjoy this new technology, all that a customer needs is a compatible handset and are calling from Vodafone to Vodafone locally. Customers are not required to make a subscription or activation to access this service and there are no extra costs. 

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