Posted on October 02, 2013

Socialbakers, the leading online, independent, global social media analyst, has identified Vodafone Qatar as the No. 1 most socially devoted Facebook brand in Qatar.

Socialbakers monitor tens of thousands of companies on Facebook to set a benchmark for response times and response rates to questions from fans. Brands that communicate openly, actively responding to fans and striving to ensure customers receive quick answers to their queries, are statistically evaluated for this accolade. 

“A socially devoted brand is defined as a brand that creates and opens lines of communication with its fans. Socially devoted companies set a new global standard that other businesses can adopt to improve their social media marketing strategy,” said Jan Rezab the founder of Socialbakers.


Jonathan Donovan, Head of Online at Vodafone Qatar commented,"Our success in social media is driven by locally relevant information, rich video content in Qatari Arabic and timely responses which  clearly differentiates us. We have an award winning customer care team because it's so important for us to connect our customers with subject matter experts and respond as quickly as possible.  The evolution of social media is truly an excellent tool for both us and our customers, it offers so many possibilities, and with our count down to 4G launch, it’s great that we already have an efficient dialogue with our customers. "

Locally relevant audio-visual content and timely customer care, in both Arabic and English, are key pillars of Vodafone Qatar's social media strategy.  Social media has been a key channel for Vodafone Qatar for helping and communicating with its customers. As evidence of the power of social media, Vodafone Qatar actively engaged with its customers via Facebook before it even launched in Qatar.  Now, four years later, whether it’s sharing the latest updates on devices, promotions and services,  launching  competitions, sharing new product unboxings or posting review videos, Vodafone Qatar still has social media at the heart of its communication strategies.

To connect with Vodafone Qatar, visit, or follow Twitter @VodafoneQatar.