Posted on April 08, 2011

“Vodafone is a proud investor in Qatar,” said Matthew Harrison-Harvey, Director of Regulatory and External Affairs at Vodafone Qatar.

Speaking on a panel discussion at the Business and Investment in Qatar Forum held in New York, Harrison-Harvey said that Vodafone has its presence in 30 countries and was established in Qatar 18 months ago. “Vodafone is providing competition in the telecommunications sector in Qatar under the new regulatory framework that is consistent with WTO requirements and is closer to those in EU,” Harrison-Harvey said.

Lauding Qatar’s business-friendly policies, he added, “I can testify to the strength of [the] regulatory framework and ICT Qatar’s dedication to try a different model of introducing competition and a level playing field to encourage investment in the country.”

With just over 700,000 customers, Vodafone commands 25 percent of customer share in the marketplace and 24 percent revenue share.

“Vodafone is an example that foreign investment can work in Qatar,” he said, adding that there is over $1bn capital expenditure since the company set up in Qatar and plans for more. “Qatar is rolling out a national broadband network, which we at Vodafone very excited about, and will provide 100 MB per second, and access to at least 90 percent of households by 2015.”

source: The Peninsula