Posted on July 23, 2019

Vodafone Qatar continues its commitment to help Qatar’s businesses succeed in a digital world. In their most recent case study, Vodafone Qatar has connected International Limousine Service (ILS), one of the country’s leading chauffeur services, with its state of the art Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.

ILS now relies on Vodafone Qatar’s Fleet Management solution to monitor their 240 cars and drivers. In addition, Vodafone Qatar has equipped all their vehicles with WiFi on-board to cater to the needs of their valuable customers and provide them with a more enjoyable experience. Vodafone Qatar was first in the country to launch an end-to-end Fleet Management Solution that enables the delivery of real-time information such as traffic data, vehicle location, driver speeds, fuel consumption and employee work-time.

Fleet Management solutions deliver faster response times through more efficient job allocation, reduction in fuel costs due to shorter journeys and higher revenues as drivers can complete more jobs. Driver behaviour can also be monitored to encourage safer and more efficient driving and reduce insurance premiums. For all companies in this sector, IoT technology has been proven to help companies meet regulatory and corporate sustainability targets by reducing fuel use and carbon emissions. “We take pride in our global IoT expertise and in sharing this expertise with local organisations of all sizes in the country. Vodafone Qatar’s Business solutions are the key to answering organizational needs to optimise, automate and innovate using IoT technologies,” said Mahday Al-Hebabi, Business Services Director, Vodafone Qatar.

Earlier this year, Vodafone Qatar equipped 60 buses for the Shaffalah Center for Persons with Disability with Vodafone’s Smart Bus solution including Fleet Management and Video Surveillance, helping make the children’s journeys safer and more efficient.

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