Posted on April 03, 2019

Vodafone Qatar is further expanding its portfolio of business services with the launch of mobile satellite services that provides two-way voice and data communications to users around the globe who are on the go or in remote locations.

Vodafone is the only telecommunications operator in Qatar that offers this service with an end-to-end solution including the provision of hand held satellite devices, accessories and the service’s operations. “As part of our commitment to help our customers succeed in an increasingly connected world, we introduced mobile satellite services that ensure your business and employees are safe and able to operate in remote areas anywhere in the world whether you are in the middle of the desert or even flying and sailing. This is especially crucial during the event of crisis management,” said Vodafone Qatar’s Chief Business Officer, Mahmud Awad.

“Virtually all major industries can benefit from mobile satellite services. For example oil & gas companies can ensure uninterrupted access to their data, even during the mining or extracting process and media networks can be the first to communicate and report headline news from all over the world,” continued Awad.

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