Posted on February 24, 2018

In a quest to continue showcasing exciting technological experiences in the country, Vodafone staged a “Symphony of Sound and Speed” at the Red Bull Car Park Drift. In this first for Qatar, the audience experienced a fusion of sound, speed and smoke in a symphony that brought together traditional & digital music instruments enhanced by the raw sound of drifting cars. The musical performance, conducted by an 8-piece band, took place on Friday the 23rd of February at Losail Circuit Sports Club.

Vodafone Qatar’s participation in the event reflects its commitment to bring digital solutions that can inspire consumers and demonstrate how the latest technologies can enhance their lives.  In this symphony, a virtual drum kit “Freedrums”, was used to showcase how mobile connectivity can empower anyone, anywhere to create an immersive drumming experience without the confinement of private soundproof studios. Freedrums consist of two drumsticks equipped with digital sensors that connect to an App available to download on a smartphone and replicate the drumming experience anywhere.

To ensure a seamless performance, the drum kit requires a fast network to download and maintain the App, making Vodafone Qatar the ideal partner to bring the digital music experience to everyday users. The telecom provider continues to use its international expertise to deliver world-class reliable network infrastructure, connecting consumers to people and things that matter the most. Commenting on the event, Diego Camberos, Commercial Director, Vodafone Qatar stated: “Technology is revolutionising every aspect of our lives including the way we produce and consume music. As Qatar’s World Class Network, we are pleased to help consumers discover exciting digital music instruments, in this case allowing aspiring drummers in the country to explore their passion anywhere and anytime, using mobile connectivity.”