Posted on November 13, 2013

Vodafone Qatar is the Silver Sponsor of the upcoming CSR Qatar 2013 which will be held on 24 and 25 November at the Renaissance hotel in Doha, Qatar. CSR Qatar is a unique platform for corporate responsibility professionals in the country to learn and network alongside key stakeholders to develop and advance CSR.

Speaking at the event will be Dana Haidan, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Vodafone Qatar who will explore how CSR can empower emerging markets and how Vodafone, both in Qatar and around the world, is tackling key global issues with communication technologies that are leading to positive and tangible social change in both emerging and developing countries.

Dana Haidan - Head of Corporate Social Responsibility

Emerging markets are earmarked with three common characteristics: they provide new avenues for big growth opportunities; they pose big challenges; and mobile technology is instrumental to these countries’ development. Dana Haidan will be presenting and discussing with local and regional peers how to tackle that and Vodafone’s life-changing initiatives. “Economic progress doesn’t mean social progress for all. Mobiles help to unlock entrepreneurship, creating jobs and stimulating investment. They help make the most of limited resources – be they money, time, land or anything else. Mobiles also help to unlock human potential. By changing tens of millions of lives for the better, mobile can transform whole societies and reshape the world in the 21st century. There's now a huge amount of evidence that mobiles play a vital role in social and economic development. For instance, a 10% increase in mobile penetration equates to a 1.2% increase in GDP growth.” Dana Haidan said.

Haidan added: “At Vodafone, we have identified 5 core CSR areas: emerging markets; enterprise; access and inclusion; carbon & energy and safety and security. As a Global company with very local roots, corporate social responsibility ranks high on our agenda and our aim is to continue to make a real contribution to society. At Vodafone Qatar, we use our expertise in communication technology to make a positive social impact. We also believe we can help to build a more sustainable future, in line with QNV 2030, by delivering commercially viable products and scalable services that transform and improve the quality of lives and enable positive economic, social and environmental outcomes for our stakeholders.”

Vodafone Qatar’s CSR approach involves a focus on continually giving back to the community through, for example, the Vodafone Qatar Charitable Fund; the company’s annual World of Difference program which identifies and supports social entrepreneurs; the company’s partnership with ROTA and Vodafone for All accessibility initiatives with MADA.