Posted on April 19, 2020

Vodafone Qatar has partnered with Dreama Orphan Care Centre and Protection Social Rehabilitation Centre (AMAN) to support their students’ remote learning using 5G technology, amidst the coronavirus pandemic that has forced all students in Qatar to continue their education virtually.

In addition to the centres being equipped with high-speed internet powered by its GigaNet 5G network, Vodafone Qatar has provided the students with laptops and tablets. 

Vodafone Qatar Chief Human Resources Officer, Khames Al Naimi, said: “As part of our corporate social responsibility, we are pleased to be able to bridge the technology gap for the children of Dreama and AMAN. We hope that by extending the benefits of our 5G network and improving accessibility to devices at this time especially, we can help make sure they have access to learning with no disruptions. We believe in education and its importance to every person as a fundamental right, and support the important work done by the centres.”

Having access to a 5G-supported online learning environment will be especially beneficial for Dreama and AMAN teachers and students to use capabilities such as video-calling as part of their lesson plans to engage with one another in real-time. 5G’s incredible speeds allow for a superior web browsing experience and faster downloads/uploads when sharing documents and high-quality content, to enhance the overall learning process.

From her end, Ms. Mariam Al Misned the CEO of Dreama and the Acting CEO of AMAN said “We sincerely thank Vodafone Qatar for their gracious support to our students and making it possible for us to provide them with the highest standards of online education while we prioritise their safety. With these technological tools, we are confident that students will be better empowered to keep pursuing their educational goals.”