Posted on July 03, 2014

Woqod inaugurated the Wakrah fuel station after completing its renovation and maintenance works on July 1. Woqod CEO Engineer Ibrahim Jaham al-Kuwari said that the station was under maintenance and renovation works in line with the safety and security standards adopted by Woqod throughout its various stations, “but in light of the pressing need and increasing demand on petroleum products in the Wakrah area, we decided to inaugurate the station to provide better service to the local community and our clients in this area”.

He said that the “Shamal station needed significant renovation and maintenance works, which will take considerate time, but Woqod sensed a pressing and urgent need among our clients in this area, which lacks such services”.

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“Woqod immediately decided to provide supply services for all petroleum products through specialised delivery tanks made available at the Shamal station round the clock, to be effective immediately as a temporary procedure while finishing the construction of a portable station, due in few days. This portable station shall have the capacity to provide essential petroleum products (diesel and petroleum) and related services, urgently needed by our customers in the area.”

Al-Kuwari reaffirmed Woqod’s commitment to its clients and readiness to serve them at all locations.

source: Gulf Times