Posted on July 21, 2012

Jaidah Automotive – a subsidiary of the long-established and influential conglomerate Jaidah Group – has announced a number of original and exciting customer deals for the Holy Month of Ramadan.

The promotion runs from July 18 for the duration of the Holy Month, and beyond – to the end of August. Jaidah Automotive likes to consider itself as an innovator in how it brings – and satisfies – its customers, and the Ramadan deals this year bear witness to this.

Mr. Sami Skaff, Marketing & Product Development Manager of Jaidah Automotive, said: “We want the people to enjoy our wide range of financial offer this Ramadan, in addition to discovering a new type of excitement in the showroom.” Discounts, gifts and raffle draws have all been done – and well received – in the past, but Jaidah Automotive’s penchant for innovation sees something new this Ramadan. This year – on top of the usual flexibility and willingness of our salesmen to get the right deal for the customer, Jaidah is promoting a brand-new promotion: ‘Cashback your weight in Riyals’.

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What this entails is that the customer’s weight is applied to a quota unique to each vehicle – the entire Chevrolet range is included – to arrive at a convenient figure for the new car. For example, a person weighing 80 kilos who is interested in the Chevrolet Tahoe SUV (pictured) will receive for every Kilo, the value of Q.R. 25, making a saving of QR 2,000 on the final offered price. “It’s new, it’s different, it’s original – and it’s unlike the previous Ramadan Offer that people have witnessed in the past.” said Mr. Waleed Al Sayed, General Sales Manager of Jaidah Automotive.

“Jaidah Automotive will usually run a promotion in partnership with a bank. This Ramadan we have teamed up with two strong, local banks to maximize the appeal and availability of our offers. Partner banks for this Holy Month promotion are QIB and Qatar National Bank (QNB).” Mr. Al Sayed added. In conjunction with Jaidah Automotive, QIB is offering its customers new financing scheme “buy now and start paying your installment next year”, in addition to QR1,000 voucher for window tinting product and comprehensive insurance of 2.9% for one year and 2.65% for three years.

QNB is offering free monthly installment up to 3 months or 0% interest rate up to 12 months. Mr. Skaff added, “The goal is for our showrooms to reflect the Ramadan atmosphere through these promotional activities and extensive branding. Customers can also save that special moment when the keys to a new Chevrolet are handed over with an ‘on spot’ picture next to the car purchased. This will then be presented in a unique Ramadan Greeting card to be kept as a souvenir.”

“We’re really trying to do something different this Ramadan in terms of this promotion, in conjunction with the backing of two local banks in QIB and QNB. We feel we’ve put together a really attractive and original package, and we look forward to welcoming customers to our showrooms this Ramadan. Indeed, customers are welcome whatever the time of year because Jaidah Automotive always offers keen deals.” said Mr. Mark Jenkins, General Manager of Jaidah Automotive.