Posted on April 06, 2016

Qatari entrepreneur Jawaher Al Fardan is launching NIYA YOGA, a new yoga studio and holistic healing centre, in Qanat Quartier in June 2016. The studio is spearheading the wellness revolution in Qatar: it’s creating a vibrant community where people can come together to connect, grow, and explore the power of yoga and healthy living.

NIYA YOGA is the first of its kind in Qatar. Not only is it the first Qatari owned yoga studio, but it is opening alongside Evergreen Organics, Qatar’s first ever fully vegan cafe. It’s an exciting moment for Doha, where these ideas of wellness are only just beginning to permeate popular consciousness. Al Fardan is pioneering this positive vision, where you are welcomed at a yoga class and can enjoy a green juice or nourishing meal afterwards. It’s a deeper way of connecting that will leave you feeling energised and inspired from the inside out.

Al Fardan is well placed to lead the wellness movement in Qatar. She is an advanced yoga teacher, having undertaken 500 hours of training, and has spent extended periods of time with luminaries in her field in India, Bali and LA. This international upbringing has given Al Fardan the opportunity to experiment with raw food, vegetarianism and veganism, as well as exploring a range of fitness techniques. Having observed first-hand how nutrition, yoga and mindfulness have a tangible impact on health and happiness, she is channelling this knowledge and experience into the studio. Al Fardan explains: “There’s definitely no one size fits all. At NIYA YOGA, we embrace our differences and learn from one another, people and cultures. We take what works for us, and leave the rest. Most importantly, we are TRUE to ourselves and our purest niyas. May it guide us all.”

NIYA YOGA will offer over 35 classes per week, internationally led workshops, holistic therapies, wellness weekends, teacher training courses, as well as women only class options. With two beautiful studio spaces overlooking the ocean, a room for private classes, state of the art equipment, and luxurious changing facilities, it’s a sanctuary for all things healing. Centred around the pillars of mind, body, spirit and soul, the name NIYA translates from Arabic as meaning ‘intention.’Everyone is welcome at NIYA, where we can be whatever we are, with simply a new intention.