Posted on September 01, 2014

WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education) in partnership with Katara will be hosting the Learning Festival from October 23 through November 8, at the Katara Cultural Village (pictured). Under the theme “Creative takes on the use of technology in education”, the Festival will lead the public through a large panel of experiences.

Through a photo exhibition and a series of demos, workshops, performances, and other pop-up events, the festival will showcase uses of technology in the classroom from around the world and invite leaders from the Maker Movement to demonstrate how they utilize accessible technology to enhance creativity. The photo exhibition will be devoted to work by the highly acclaimed Iranian photographer Newsha Tavakolian, whose striking images illustrate the 2014 WISE Book. It will represent 11 best practices in the use of technology to improve learning. Meanwhile, innovators from the Maker Movement will transform conventional media and arts into an interactive and playful journey.

The Learning Festival will open to the public on October 23rd at Katara.