Posted on May 25, 2016

WOQOD’s Extra – Ordinary General Assembly duly chaired by His Excellency Sheikh Saoud Bin Abdulrahaman Al Thani (pictured), held its meeting in the evening of Wednesday 25 of May 2016 at WOQOD Tower - Al-Dafna .The meeting had been postponed due to the lack of Quorum in the previous two meetings.

The Agenda of the Extra – Ordinary meeting included the following issues:

WOQOD held its Extra-Ordinary 2 [].jpg1- Amendment of Article 1/9 of WOQOD’s Articles of Association related to the abolishment of minimum shares requirement (previously prescribed at 100 shares for each single shareholder).

2- Amendment of Article 1/26 to raise the minimum number of the Board meetings to 6 meetings a year.

3- Amendment of Article 3 by adding the following activities and procedures to the existing practices undertaken by the company in furtherance of its objects as per the following:

a- Article 3/6: to enable utilization of Sidra Brand Name for establishment and operation of Sidra C- Stores.

b- Article 3/7: related to the vehicle related services and activities to be exercised by the service stations.

c- Article 3/8: allowing commercial advertisement inside the service station premises.

d- Introducing new Article 26/5 allowing the Board of Directors to pass decisions by “Circulation “procedure in cases of emergency or necessity.

The Extra – Ordinary General Assembly discussed and adopted the above amendments.