Posted on January 04, 2017

In 2016 Qatar Fuel Company (WOQOD) accomplished great achievements. During this year, Woqod launched 19 stations (including mobile petrol stations) across Qatar, so the total number of Woqod service stations is now 56 stations.

The new stations significantly helped in reducing the traffic that the stations witnessed before, due to the increasing demand on petrol and other services, in addition to the closure of other non-Woqod stations for maintenance or change in the field of business. On this occasion, Engineer Ibrahim Al-Kuwari, the Chief Executive Officer of Woqod said: “In 2016, we opened 21 fixed service stations and a further 7 mobile petrol stations that are distributed across different regions in Qatar especially in North, South and West.”

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Fixed service stations

Woqod opened fixed service stations in the following locations: Sudantheel station on Salwa road, and the stations at Smeisma, AinSinan, Thameed, and North City in North part of the country, Old Al Ghanem, Msheireb and Al-Muntazah in central Doha, and Al Rayyan service station in Al-Rayyan.  Additionally, Woqod opened stations at Al-Wukair and Mashaf in the area of Al-Wukair and Southern Wakra.

There are also another nine stations in the final stages of getting the required permits in the areas of: Al-Aqlaat Lusail in North Doha, Auqda in Al-Khor, AboNahkla on Salwa Road, Aba Sulil on the southern Road, Hamad International Airport and Um Guilina in central Doha. The work is in progress in further stations including New Salata, Thumama, JabalThulieb in Lusail, all due to open upon receiving the final permits in 2017.

Mobile Petrol stations

Engineer Al-Kuwari added: ”Woqod has a new strategy of building mobile petrol stations to provide petrol services to the areas of high demand or those with no stations at all, or in the areas where non-Woqod stations were closed. The mobile petrol stations recorded huge success in reducing the pressure on the other stations and meeting the requirements of the customers in other regions, as they provide all petrol products and services they might need.”

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Technical Inspection centers (Fahes)

In addition to the existing technical inspection centers, there are also new centers Woqod is building, some of these centers are completed such as the technical inspection center in Shahaneya, and others are in the final stages such as centers in Al-Wukair and Al-khor. The centers, in the stage of receiving the final permits, cover most regions of Qatar.


WOQODe, the RFID tag based fuels payment system is one of the flagship achievements of Woqod. It is a basic and essential service to the ministries, corporates and individuals. The new system is a huge leap to control the petrol supply in Qatar.

WOQODe was first introduced in 2016, and Woqod completed installing more than 40 thousand tags, most of them for the corporates and organizations, and some for individuals. The WOQODe system is the best way to pay and track the fuel spending habits at Woqod stations, as they can electronically pay the bills in the end of each month through direct deduction of the payments from the customer’s account registered at Woqod. This helps in reducing the time needed to fill the cars with fuel and minimizes the traffic within the stations. It also prevents manipulation in bills. Woqod plans to increase the number of subscribers in this system especially for individuals.