Posted on August 10, 2018

The regional workshop on the employment and training strategy for radiation regulatory authorities, organised by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment in collaboration with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), concluded yesterday.

The workshop included discussions on the exchange of experiences of the participating countries in the field of recruitment and training for radiation regulatory authorities, to identify the challenges and obstacles as well as ways to find practical solutions in line with the proper uses of radiant energy. A total of 40 trainees from Asian and Pacific member countries, as well as radiation protection department staff from the Ministry of Municipality and Environment, participated in the workshop which was lectured by IAEA’s experts.

The workshop aimed at enhancing the understanding of the regulatory authorities of IAEA member states on how to organise their work and to provide them with competent qualified personnel to carry out their supervisory functions efficiently, in addition to provide guidance on ways to develop and implement an integrated management system for core processes that help the regulatory body to perform its core functions as well as the management and support operations required to operate the system and to develop the necessary training and qualification programs for the staff. It also targeted familiarizing the participants with the establishment of an integrated administrative system to enable the authorities to perform their responsibilities more efficiently and productively.

source: The Peninsula