Posted on October 14, 2015

Two-time former world boxing champion and current WBC Silver Welterweight belt holder Amir Khan visited Aspire Zone this afternoon (14 October 2015), where he toured Aspire Academy and the world renowned orthopaedic and sports medicine hospital, Aspetar. British born Khan was accompanied by his father and Mr. Yousuf Ali Al Kazim, President of the Qatar Boxing Federation (QBF).

Khan’s visit began at Aspetar where he was given a comprehensive tour of the hospital’s world class facilities and the services it provides to the world’s elite athletes. Khan was received by Director General Dr. Mohamed Ghaith Al-Kuwari and a number of hospital officials who presented an overview of the history of Aspetar and the significant developments it has achieved in the fields of sports medicine and research.

World Boxing Champion Amir Khan 2 [].jpg

Khan also expressed an interest in collaborating with Aspetar in the future by conducting a training camp there to benefit from its advanced services, which would help him maximize his competitive potential in the face of the rapidly developing world of boxing. Khan then visited Aspire Academy where he met Director General Ivan Bravo and learned about the Academy’s philosophy and its important role in developing Qatar’s future generation of athletes, in addition to the various community and humanitarian programmes it offers. Khan was then given a tour of Aspire Dome, which he commended for its contribution to helping promote sports on a local and international level.

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At the end of his visit, Khan thanked Aspire Zone Foundation for organising the tour, adding that he was extremely impressed with the world-class facilities and services that Aspire Zone Foundation and its member organisations offer. He also praised their role in promoting a sports culture in Qatar and beyond, whether through Aspetar’s strides in sports medicine or Aspire Academy’s role in preparing the sports leaders of tomorrow. He concluded: “This is the first time I visit Doha, but it certainly will not be the last”.