Posted on September 13, 2012

Senior government officials and industry experts from all over the world will attend the World GTL Congress in Doha on January 13-15. The World GTL Congress to be held at the St Regis Hotel is being organised with QP as the host organisation, and Shell and Oryx GTL as the host and lead sponsors, respectively.

The Congress will highlight Qatar’s drive to pioneer the continued development of the gas-to-liquids (GTL) industry for cleaner and more environmentally-friendly products. Qatar is not only the global GTL energy leader, but also home to the world’s largest commercial GTL plant.

The Congress will be the world’s first annual meeting for global GTL stakeholders, experts and leading names in the industry and will focus on strengthening international cooperation to enhance commercialisation of ‘remote stranded gas’ through GTL technology and explore the impact of GTL products on the economy of the host countries, the environment as well as on climate change.

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Over the three days of the conference and breakout workshops, leading industry experts will discuss and decide upon the most strategic issues regarding GTL’s legal and financial framework as well as develop policies that will drive the development of the industry. The congress will also feature a “world-class” exhibition of international GTL visionaries including IOCs, NOCs, technology providers, EPC contractors and consultants who will showcase technological innovations, provide solutions to the global GTL industry and offer advice and updates on industry developments.

IQPC Middle East project director Asmae Hamidi said: “IQPC is honoured to work with the industry’s foremost experts, QP, Oryx GTL and Shell and looks forward to see this annual meeting grow in parallel to the GTL industry. Thanks to new technology, the GTL industry is growing rapidly with new projects being established.

“However, gas-to-liquid has not been exploited to its full potential. The World GTL Congress is an opportunity to establish a global collaboration on this emerging technology to improve its commercial viablity and performance and to become one of the world’s main energy resources.”

source: Gulf Times