Posted on August 12, 2017

On August 12theach year, the world stands accountable for the opportunities it has or has not created for its youth to enable them to achieve their potential and succeed in life, so they can fully and effectively participate in building a brighter and sustainable future filled with justice and security.

Another year has passed and our Arab reality has only become more painful. Divisions and wars have intensified, and all hopes of enjoying some peace, stability and decent life had evaporated leaving young people, women and children hopeless. Governments are failing to provide its people with the most necessities of life; Millions of people have left their homes to seek safety while thousands of them have lost their lives astonished at the world's abandonment of them, and the people who remained are exposed to war crimes and lethal diseases.

Governments are engaged with political agendas while its peoples are losing their lives on daily basis, and the resources that could have been utilized to build the future are wasted, even international and regional organizations have been unable to reach conflict zones and play their humanitarian and developmental role. Today, and more than ever before, Arab people are looking at their youth to create a new future, and look at their governments, with disappointment and hope, to invest in youth, their energies, their determination, ambitions, ideas and innovations to find solutions to their needs, to protect them and protect their community through them, from marginalization and poverty.

We moved into a new year, and our Arab youth are still waiting for their turn to attain their full rights in education, health, decent work, and participation in decision-making, which calls for unified and intensified efforts of all governments and civil society organizations. Let us take a moment to reflect on what have we achieved on the ground. Have we played our roles, as fully as possible, with full awareness and responsibility, in mobilizing expertise and resources, to achieve- together with the Arab youth as a partner- the sustainable development plans?

Our Arab youth: the world has never looked as young as it is today; you make up the majority of it, and you bear with your own hands, minds and values ​​the future of a great nation. You are our greatest asset, and have the power to make it great again. Do not let the social and economic crises stand on your way to achieve your full potential, but let it motivate you to discover your strengths and capabilities. Do not fall intothe traps of people with agendas - whatever the incentives are-and continue working towards taking over your role as future makers. Do not sit waiting for opportunities, seek them, and through innovation and leadership, contribute to creating more opportunities for other youth. Unemployment is a state of mind, and if you believe in yourselves as your nation believes in you, and employ your energies to protect its civilization and achievements, you will preserve our Arab world safe, secured and advanced!