Posted on February 02, 2014

With National Sport Day just over a week away pupils from Qatar International School have been confirming their support for the day of activity on the 11th of February, after an inspirational talk from some of the country’s most famous elite athletes.

As ambassadors for the 2014 installment of National Sport Day, Qatari Olympic flag-bearer Bahiya Mansour, Paralympian Abdulrahman Abdulqader and national football legend Adel Khamis visited the school to pass on their knowledge and experiences of the benefits of sport.

Following the talk, a group of young pupils have issued their reply to the athlete’s calls to action and outlined what they hope to achieve on the public holiday on February 11th.                                                

Sultan Al Mohannadi said: “I’ve always enjoyed sport but hearing the athlete’s stories about their experiences just shows how passionate and committed you have to be and it’s really inspired me. It’s so exciting to think that we could be representing our country in the future and now I know the hard work I’m going to have to put in to achieve that goal. Qatar National Sport Day is the perfect opportunity to get started and I plan on making sure my friends and I make the most of it with a full day of activities.”

Boasting an unrivalled schedule of free sporting events across the country National Sport Day aims to give the people of Qatar an opportunity to kick start a future of healthy living. From cycling to swimming, football to basketball, tennis to tae kwon do, countless free sporting sessions, accessible to all, will be taking place throughout Qatar as the celebrations to highlight the importance of healthy living reach a new peak.

Another young pupil inspired into action on National Sport Day, Yasir Yusri: “The way the athletes spoke about the unity aspects of sport and how it brings people together really appealed to me. With it being a public holiday it’s a great chance for my whole family to spend the day together and get active. It’s easy to forget just how important exercise can be for the body and I didn’t realise how good it is for your brain as well. I’m really looking forward to the day and just having fun with my family.”

Based on the sporting principles of inclusion and unity, participation and fun, fitness and health, National Sport Day has cemented its status as one of the highlights of Qatar’s community, sporting and national calendars.

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Looking ahead to Qatar National Sport Day on the 11th of February, Qatar International School pupil Ahmed Bilalsaid: “The athletes were very inspiring and it’s made me think a lot about how lucky we are to have this National Sport Day. I know now that I want to push myself to the limit in terms of sport, and find something which I truly enjoy. Of course I want to be one of the best but so long as it’s fun for me then that is the most important thing. I already enjoy many sports but the National Sport Day I’m going to take the opportunity to try something new and develop new skills.”

Featuring a traditional boat race and the legendary sport walk,as well as the biggest ever line up of free events, 2014 is set to be the largest and most widely celebrated day of sport ever witnessed in the country. Kickstarting the festivities will be the opening of Qatar Olympic Committee’s specially built sport zone which will welcome all from the 6th of February. The anticipation will then build to a crescendo as the yearlong Be Fit programme reaches its exciting climax where the individual who lost the most amount of weight through healthy living is announced, before the New Year’sprogramme is launched.

Along with the extensive sporting events across the country, National Sport Day will also focus on Qatari culture with a traditional Al Shawahef rowing championship opening proceedings on the day. The event will act as a reminder of Qatar’s sporting ancient sporting heritage and the role it has played in the country’s most recent sporting developments.

Official participating venues for the event include; Aspire, Katara, The Pearl, SouqWaqif, Al-Refaa Street and many more.

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