Posted on January 17, 2020

Car manufacturer Skoda, in cooperation with United Filipino Mountain Bikers (UFMBQ), recently organised the first ‘We Love Cycling’ event for cycling fans in Qatar. The event, held at Al Kharara Village, saw the participation of about 147 cyclists of all ages and from various nationalities.

Škoda started as a bikes manufacturer. Laurin & Klement, founders of the brand, started production of their first bicycles ‘Slavia’ in 1895 and, later on, motorbikes in Mladá Boleslav. Automobile production was launched in 1905. “Skoda understands cycling well because of its cycling heritage and long-term involvement in the field. Since 2004, Skoda is the sponsor of the Tour de France (2019: 16th year), and it is passionate about the cycling way of life, while connecting cyclist on all levels through events, content and communities,” said a press statement from the company.

Skoda’s international online magazine ‘’ is packed with useful information, featuring tips from road safety to nutrition. “Skoda wants to provide support, assistance and encouragement; it also wants to be a brand that advances, fosters and advocates the life of cyclists, and hence Skoda sees itself as the supportive promoter of the cycling way of live,” added the statement. The car manufacturer is celebrating 125 years since its founding and 115 years since the company launched automobile production. Several of the brand’s historically important models are also celebrating jubilees this year.

source: Qatar Tribune