Posted on December 08, 2017

The census of population, housing and establishments 2020 will represent a qualitative leap in the provision of data with less effort, cost, and more accurately and comprehensively, through automatic linking with the data sources, according to the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics.

Speaking at the Qatar Statistics Day hosted by Qatar University (QU), Sultan Al Kuwari, Assistant Undersecretary for Statistics said the Ministry started preparing a year ago for this census, in cooperation with the data producers in the country. He noted that the Ministry provided databases covering all fields, whether through administrative records, surveys, specialised surveys, etc.

The Assistant Undersecretary stressed on the importance of the role of statistical data and indicators in all fields, whether planning and development or in daily life. He noted that the provision of accurate and timely statistical data and indicators helps to formulate policies and monitor progress at all levels, especially at the level of the national strategy of Qatar to reach Qatar National Vision 2030. He added that the ministry has chosen QU to celebrate Qatar Statistics Day, to stimulate students to pay more attention to statistics and to complete their higher studies in this field, so they participate in the remarkable statistical work of Qatar, which began officially in the early 1980s. 

Al Kuwari pointed out that the existence of accurate statistics and comprehensive in accordance with international standards were reflected in the classification of Qatar in the reports issued by international and regional organizations. Vice-President of QU for Research and Graduate Studies Dr Mariam Al Ali Al Maadeed said that the celebration of Qatar Statistics Day is a response to the vital and growing needs of Qatari society in the economic, social, cultural and other fields. She stressed on the great importance of statistics in the follow-up and control of development in various aspects of life, and support the positive aspects of this development and address the potential negative repercussions.

Vice-President of QU for Research and Graduate Studies pointed out that the university has given statistical attention worthy of its role in the development renaissance, whereas it developed university programs and postgraduate studies, with a focus on applied statistics and the introduction of statistics in the programs of the faculties as a major or sub-course. She said that the university is looking to develop its statistical programmes and provide high quality training. It will also look to encourage students to embrace the field, in order to prepare good cadres capable of collecting and analyzing data.

She added that the university is looking to improve its contribution to developmental planning on a national level to cooperate with the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics as well as other designated state authority. The university’s goal is to meet society’s demands in all fields by providing the necessary information and expertise to help in the process of policy adoption. She also said that the university is looking to increase its partnership with international institutions to gain further insight into future prospects and better help society.

source: The Peninsula