Posted on September 05, 2013

Qatar Petroleum is developing Mesaieed Industrial City (MIC) within a framework of a 25 year integrated service plan, which contributes to the achievement of the Qatar National Vision 2030. The plan includes a number of road projects in addition to expansion of residential areas and service facilities.

It will also create a sports club, two fire stations and a security services complex. The new plan includes restoration of the heritage village “Alafjeh” to maintain the traditional and cultural aspects of the city. Rehabilitation and development of 40 kilometers inside the residential area has been completed recently at a cost of more than 800 million Qatari Riyals, apart from constructing a road network in the area of light and support industries.

Encouragement of investors

Given the importance of industrial projects, Qatar Petroleum has been keen to encourage investors, which is reflected in facilitating the processing of land allocation, project development and investor services in one location. MIC accommodates and operates the State of Qatar’s National Center for Treatment of Hazardous Waste and, at the same time, works to preserve the environment and to maintain the traditional and cultural heritage and Qatari identity of the city.

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Qatar Petroleum revealed a number of projects that will be implemented in the near future including the construction of a new sports club, 2 new fire stations, a staff housing project (Phase II) to accommodate personnel of key companies operating in the city as well as the staff of Qatar Petroleum. QP also intends to construct an integrated security complex for the Ministry of Interior, expand the non-hazardous waste center, install 3 sewage water pumping stations and build new mosques in various parts of the city. Apart from this, culverts to protect 23 oil and gas pipelines passing under roads will be constructed.

The current development projects include expanding the heavy, medium, light and support industries as well as expanding and developing the industrial, commercial and services aspects of the port and its navigational services, developing berths (9 ) and (10) in addition to major housing projects, recreational facilities and services for staff and workers in the region.

An important project undertaken by Qatar Petroleum is the development of the Sealine - Kharara road. Two other roads have been developed recently. The first one runs from Mesaieed Industrial City to the roundabout of Sealine Beach Resort and the Golden Beach area. This road mostly runs within the concession area of Qatar Petroleum, except for the southern part approaching the Sealine Beach Resort roundabout, which belongs to the Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning. The second road is the Salwa - Mesaieed road (or the Kharara road) also known as road 55. This road is being developed by the Public Works Authority, who is graciously expediting completion of the road at the request of Qatar Petroleum.

source: Al Sharq