Posted on December 23, 2018

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment has accomplished many achievements in the field of self-sufficiency this year and about 37 licences for livestock production projects were issued to contribute to ensure food security.

“The percentage of self-sufficiency of milk and dairy products is about 100 percent, while it was only 28percent before the imposition of blockade when the major dependence was on imports from the siege countries,” said Farhoud Hadi Al Hajri, Director of Animal Resources Department Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

Farhoud Hadi Al Hajri, was speaking to a local channel about the Ministry’s achievement this year. He added that the average daily consumption of milk and dairy products is about 600 tonnes in Qatar and country is producing 616 tonnes. “All these projects and initiatives succeeded due to cooperation between government and private sector. To increase the production was a challenge for us but we succeeded finally and in less than one year we started to achieve 100 percent self-sufficiency in some products,” he noted.

Regarding the number of livestock in the country, he said the number stood about 1.6 million heads of livestock and the number of breeders is 17,000. On frozen chicken, he said that the percentage of self-sufficiency reached was about 98 percent, whereas in the past it was only 50 percent and the daily consumption of frozen chicken is about 60 tonnes, of which the state was currently producing 59 percent. As for eggs and others, Al Hajri said before the siege, Qatar was producing only 14 percent of self-sufficiency and now the country is producing 23 percent.

Al Hajri also noted that the animals’ medical treatment was a challenge for the department due to big number which were repatriated from the siege countries but “we succeeded to treat them finally and this year we have treated about 240,000 animals from different diseases”. Also, he said, that the department had provided prevention and immunization to about 534,000 this year and seek to develop therapeutic services for animals. He also said that an agreement was signed two days before the National Day between Qatar and Hong Kong in the field of transportation horses and serve horse breeders, especially with regard to sports activities.

source: The Peninsula