Posted on August 13, 2015
Qatar Charity (QC) has launched a QR2 million project to help drought-hit people of Nouga (pictured) area of Bangladesh. Nouga is one of Bangladesh's arid areas constantly under threat of drought for lack of water for irrigation. The area also faces dearth of drinking water as well as other basic services. 
QC's project consists of 12 water units with their networks to provide the targeted people and their lands with water; a health centre including outpatient clinics, inpatient beds and laboratories; and a school for neighbourhood children. The project helps more than 18,000 people and 20,000 patients a year. Moreover, 1,200 farms make use of the water networks. Local committees have been trained to operate the machines and to use them in the best manner possible. The beneficiaries pay monthly subscription fees which cover operation and maintenance expenses.
This project is one of QC's most important development projects in the country as all the sources of water in Nouga either suffer from drought or remain polluted for six months a year. This poses the problems of polluted potable water, which in turn causes diseases, and scarcity of water for irrigation.  Bangladesh has also set up Drought Areas Water Department to fight drought in the country and to help the people get clean water.  It is worth mentioning that QC has implemented several projects which provide different services in Bangladesh. It has established centres which include houses for the sponsored orphans and provides several services for the target families. 

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This is in addition to many productive and developmental projects such as Khubayb Ibn Adiy Centre, which is one of the most essential centres for the orphans, their families and families in the neighbourhood.  The centre consists of an orphanage, a school (from grade 1 to grade 10), a health centre, a vocational training centre, farming lands, houses for the employees, playgrounds and a mosque. This centre provides shelter for 400 orphans, 40 employees and their families. Around 400 students, from grade 1 to grade 10, attend the centre's school. A comprehensive curriculum was designed for the students of the centre, which includes general, religious and vocational subjects. 
The centre's health unit treats the students, the orphans, the employees, and their families, as well as families in the neighbourhood. The unit's employees make visits to nearby villages to spread health awareness and to treat the sick villagers. The centre also offers the sponsored persons and their families seasonal projects such as iftar banquets, Zakat, and Udhiyya. While children study at the centre's school, women learn sewing, tapestry and handicrafts at the training centre. The centre also supervises Qatar Charity's other projects in Rangpur district like building mosques, complexes and income-generating projects.
source: Qatar Tribune