Posted on January 16, 2016

Location: Sheraton Hotel, Doha


In briefEntrepreneurship in Economic Development Forum will be an effective and first of its kind platform in the region for defining the issues, assessing the prevailing entrepreneurial culture in Qatar and the wider Gulf, discussing the importance of fostering and promoting entrepreneurship, and proposing a specific plan of action to make Qatar University, as well as other Gulf universities and educational institutions incubators of young entrepreneurs of the future by devising and implementing degree programs that aim specifically at developing the right skills in the arts of business, decision making and risk management.

The forum is expected to attract wide interest and participation on the part of officials and policy makers, major public/private institutions involved in education and youth development, business leaders, banks and specialized financial institutions, economists and experts in various fields and the academic community in Qatar, the rest of the Gulf countries and internationally.


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7 March 2016 till 8 March 2016