Posted on August 04, 2017

Qatar witnessed a significant 64.1 percent drop in traffic violations in June 2017 when statistics of the month are compared with May this year on MoM basis. The total number of violations registered in May 2017 was 283, 832 which dropped to 102,001 in June 2017 showing a 64.1 decrease, according to 42nd edition of “Qatar: Monthly Statistics”, released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics.

The official stats further indicate a 63.4 percent decrease in radar (speeding) related traffic violations when June 2017 (radar violations - 60, 704) is compared with May 2017 (166, 029). Violations related to traffic signs also decreased by 47.4 percent. In May 2017, as many as 20, 428 violations of traffic signs were registered while the number of such violations was 10,736 in June 2017. The cases of non-renewal of driving licenses also decreased significantly from 193 in May 2017 to 31 in June 2017 registering an 83.9 percent decrease when compared on MoM basis.

The statistics bulletin also shows that the cases of non-renewal of registration also decreased significantly when two months are compared on MoM basis from 614 in May 2017 to 166 in June 2017 registering a 73 percent decrease. Like traffic violations, traffic accidents also decreased by 12.7 percent in June 2017 when compared with May this year on MoM basis registering a drop from 558 in May 2017 to 487 in June this year. Industrial Area witnessed a 42.2 percent decrease in traffic accidents in June 2017 when compared with May 2017.

The bulletin also shows a decrease of 39.4 percent in issuance of driving licenses in June this year when compared with May 2017 on month on month basis. In May 2017, total 8806 driving licenses were issued while the number of driving licenses issued in June this year fell to 5338 registering a 39.4 percent decrease.

As many as 2423 non-Qatari females were issued driving licenses in May 2017 while the number dropped to 630 registering a 74 percent decrease on MoM basis. In May 2017, as many as 5835 non-Qatari males were issued driving licenses while in June 2017 the number of non-Qatari males received driving licenses was 4289 registering a 26.5 percent decrease on MoM basis.There is also a 67.1 percent decrease in number of driving licenses issued to Qatari females in June 2017 (53) when compared to May 2017 (161). According to the bulletin, hotel occupancy rate was registered 61 percent (all categories) in June 2017 while it was 47 percent in June 2016. Hotel apartment occupancy rate was 55 percent in June 2016 which increased to 62 percent in June 2017.

source: The Peninsula