Posted on August 28, 2018

The number of exhibitors for the second edition of Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition (S’hail 2018) has witnessed a 70 percent increase proving the growing popularity of the event on the international stage.

The much anticipated one-of-a-kind annual event which runs from September 4 to 8 at Katara Cultural Village will see the participation of around 150 companies from 19 countries. It can be noted that he inaugural edition of the event last year saw 87 exhibitors from 11 countries including 54 from Qatar, 15 from Kuwait, five from Spain, four from Pakistan, three from Germany, and one each from the US, England, France, South Africa, Azerbaijan and Lebanon. The exhibitors comprised suppliers of hunting vehicles, tools, equipment and falcon-related entities.

“Preparations are in full swing as S’hail’s second edition is scheduled to be held from September 4 to 8. Participation has increased by 70 percent from last year,” said Khalifa Al Humaidi, S’hail 2018 media spokesman, pointing out that the number of participating companies reached about 150 Arab and international companies from 19 countries from around the world.

S’hail’s Cooperation and twinning with other international exhibitions and festivals which focus on the field of falconry, hunting and hunting weapons, such as the British Game Fair festival and international exhibitions in Turkey and Germany had been key to the rise in interest and participation at this year’s event, said Al-Humaidi. They are part of a comprehensive marketing plan to reach the largest number of agencies and companies specialized in these fields, he added. With the huge increase in participation, the exhibition area for of this year’s edition of S’hail has been expanded to 10,000sqm, more than double the area last year which was 4,500sqm. The venue is being constructed with a new design that will accommodate all the participating companies and embody Qatari heritage, explained Al Humaidi.

Many international companies dealing with falconry and hunting weapons as well as those specialised in organising hunting trips, in addition to elite craftsmen, falconers and fishermen in the region and around the world are taking part at the five-day event, he said. He added that this year’s exhibition is characterised by new features building on the success it achieved in its first edition which made it one of the most important falcon and hunting exhibitions in the region. S’hail 2018 will feature cultural events and activities, awareness lectures and new competitions which will give away attractive prizes such as the best pavilion which can attract visitors for its beauty and innovative design.

There will be three daily lectures featuring experts and specialists in falconry, hunting and hunting weapon discussing interesting topics such as falcon breeding and types of hunting weapons and how to use them safely. The exhibition’s organizing committee has allocated a special section for the preparation of food including meat of game, such as birds, deer and rabbits to be prepared by a selection of some of the best chefs. The event is considered the first of its kind in Qatar and the region in such scale, diversity and quality. It is dedicated to the needs and requirements of falconers in Qatar and the region providing everything related to this field.

S’hail’s first edition generated much buzz and created a lot of excitement attracting more than 3,000 visitors in its opening day. It is expected to draw even more visitors when it opens its doors on September 4.

source: The Peninsula