Posted on December 31, 2018

The number of new building permits issued in Qatar in October 2018 increased by 8.2 percent compared to previous month, indicating that the construction sector continues to grow.

A total of 795 new building permit certificates were issued in October, according to the 58th issue of the monthly Statistics of Building Permits and Building Completion certificates released by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics. Some 735 building completion certificates were issued in the previous month (September 2018). The data on building permits and building completion certificates is of particular importance as it is considered an indicator for the performance of the construction sector which in turn occupies a significant position in the national economy, which is witnessing one of the fastest rates of GDP growth in the region despite facing all the challenges.

Analysts suggest that increase in the construction activities will positively impact the construction and the real estate sector, and drive the demand for primary raw materials used in the construction industry such as steel, cement, gabbros, and host of other items related to the sector such as cables, pipes and other materials that find use in the mechanical, electric and plumbing sector. Construction industry is one of the key sectors of an economy that work as catalysts in driving the growth of other industries that are directly or indirectly related to it.    

Al Rayyan stood at the top of the municipalities in terms of issuance of building permits as it issued 221 permits in October, accounting for 27.7 percent share in of the total issued permits. Al Wakra municipality, which is witnessing one of the most intensive and pervasive construction and developmental activities, came in second place with 186 permits, with a share of 23.4 percent, followed by municipality of Doha with 148 permits (18.6 percent) and Al Da’ayen municipality with 82 permits. Umm Slal municipality issued 52 permits, Al Khor municipality 42 permits, Al Shamal municipality 35 permits, while Al Sheehaniya municipality issued 29 permits.

In terms of type of permits issued, the new building permits (residential and non-residential) constituted 53.8 percent (428 permits) of the total building permits issued in October , while the percentage of additions permits constituted 42.3 percent (337 permits), and fencing permits with 3.7 percent (30 permits). When analysing in terms of the types of buildings, new residential buildings permits for villas topped the list, accounting for 54 percent (175 permits) of all new residential buildings permits, followed by dwellings of housing loans permits by 37 percent (121 permits) and apartments buildings by 8 percent (25 permits). 

On the other hand, commercial buildings were found to be in the forefront of non-residential buildings permits with 52 percent (53 permits), followed by industrial buildings like workshops and factories with 25 percent (25 permits), then governmental buildings with 17 percent (17 permits).

source: The Peninsula