Posted on February 21, 2018

Aamal Company Q.P.S.C. (“Aamal”), one of the GCC’s fastest growing diversified companies, announced today an agreement with The Group Securities Co. (“The Group”), a member of the Qatar Stock Exchange authorised to provide specialist liquidity services in accordance with the Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) approved liquidity provision scheme.

Through the obligation to provide constant bid and offer prices, the intention is to improve the liquidity of Aamal shares listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange by facilitating increased market depth and trading volumes. The service is scheduled to start on 25 February 2018.

H.E. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Faisal Al Thani, Vice-Chairman and Managing Director of Aamal, commented: “I am delighted to announce the appointment of The Group as liquidity provider for our listed shares.  Improved liquidity of those Aamal shares traded on the Qatar Stock Exchange should lead to a reduction in share price volatility and more efficient price discovery, thereby increasing the attractiveness of the Company’s equity further.  This initiative is in line with Aamal’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards for all its stakeholders, including its minority investors.”