Posted on August 18, 2016

Abu Samra border post will soon speed up procedures for travellers and further simplify customs clearance of imported goods, taking advantage of its single window clearance system Al Nadeeb, says Murshid Shaheen Al Kuwari (pictured), Director, Land Customs Department. “Work at Abu Samra border post has seen major improvements after implementing the new process using Al Nadeeb.

The next phase is to speed up procedures for travellers in collaboration with the Ministry of Interior,” he added. He said when the new system is enforced, travellers will be able to complete procedures through the Customs Department or the ministry. “The initiative aims at speeding up procedures for travellers through exchange of information between both authorities. There will be only one procedure instead of two that can be completed by either of the two authorities. This will be implemented soon,” he added. Earlier, travellers had to go police and the customs department.

Abu Samra border post has separate sections to deal with travellers and goods — both incoming and outgoing. Al Kuwari said procedures for visitors from other GCC countries have been the easiest. First, they have to go to the immigration counter to register their entry and proceed for customs inspection. Then they can directly go the exit gate. “There is a plan to further reduce the waiting time for GCC travellers.” Registration of vehicles of travellers has also become faster, he added. “We coordinate with the Saudi border post through an electronic link to speed up procedures for goods and travellers.”

Al Kuwari said Abu Samra border post is one of the major beneficiaries of Al Nadeeb system. Procedures for release of consumer goods are faster compared to those for plastic, iron and steel, which form about 70 percent of total imports. “We have good coordination with other entities responsible for health, environment, animal resource and agriculture. “We are committed to protecting customers by preventing the entry of any harmful products into the country,” he added. Clearance of goods belonging to companies complying with all rules and requirements does not take more than 30 minutes. “We will make procedures for them companies faster,” said Al Kuwari.

The border post has made arrangements for the forthcoming Haj season. “We have arranged a special hall to deal with the pilgrims in an easy way and that smugglers will not cash in on the rush,” said Al KuwariThe border post also has plans to upgrade its facilities with new and modern devices and equipment to meet the requirements of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, he added.

source: The Peninsula