Posted on September 19, 2015
Msheireb Downtown Doha, the flagship project of Msheireb Properties, has opened its first building - the Qatar Academy Msheireb. Msheireb Properties, a subsidiary of Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, said the opening marks a significant milestone in the development of the $5.5 billion mega project.
QA Msheireb's new building in Msheireb Downtown Doha spans 12,754 square metres. It contains a swimming pool, a dining area, music and art rooms, basketball and volley ball courts, a gymnasium, as well as a comprehensive library. Msheireb broke ground on the Downtown Doha project in 2010, with development set to be completed in four phases. When complete in 2016, the 31-hectare site will include more than 100 buildings offering housing, workspace, cultural and community facilities, while preserving key heritage buildings.

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The project aims to create a legacy for sustainable urban development in Qatar by reviving the old commercial district of Doha with a new architectural language that is inspired by traditional Qatari heritage and design. Commenting on the opening of the new academy, Abdulla Al-Mehshadi, CEO of Msheireb Properties, said: "It is entirely logical that a development seeking to create a vibrant modern community which also reflects traditional Qatari culture and heritage should contain a world class educational establishment.
"The opening of Qatar Academy Msheireb therefore marks an especially significant milestone in the development of Msheireb Downtown Doha. It underpins our overall objective of creating an environment which caters to all the needs of our residents, while also fostering a sense of community that will flow through the entire development." Suad Al Kindi, director of Qatar Academy Msheireb, added: "Preparation for the new academic year and the relocation to the building started months ago to ensure a smooth transition and a successful opening through continuous communication and rigorous follow up both from Msheireb Properties and Qatar Academy Msheireb."
source: Arabian Business