Posted on May 23, 2019

The Ministry of Transport and Communications launched on Tuesday an accreditation programme for cybersecurity audit service providers. The launch is part of the national framework for compliance with information security, in accordance with the National Cybersecurity Strategy. Cybersecurity companies can now obtain a certification as a cybersecurity audit service provider within six weeks. 

Head of Procurement and Tendering Department at the ministry, Dana al-Abdullah, stressed on the importance of working within the framework of the National Cybersecurity Strategy, saying it helps institutions in all sectors secure their information technology systems. She added that her department will provide a guide comprising the details of all the accredited service providers, providing institutions with an up-to-date resource of all such service providers. Addressing a press conference, she said the Procurement and Tendering Department was established in 2018 and it is the entity designated with accrediting service providers. It is also the body charged with protecting data, particularly personal ones, she said.

Al-Abdullah said the ministry has set a number of national standards that will help institutions and companies properly secure their data. These standards will also help secure all electronic government services, she added.