Posted on June 15, 2015

Qatar Cancer Society completed a new strategic plan for the month of Ramadan, which included a variety of events and programs that are offered for the first time, All aimed to raise awareness of cancer and ways to prevent it and to emphasize the importance of periodic screening for early detection of the disease, notably the organization Breakfast Association of ambassadors honorary as well as survivors of cancer in an attempt to combine these two categories in the Ramadan atmosphere of intimacy and love .

For the first time QCS launches "commander" initiative for the children of cancer patients and seeking new ways to bring joy and happiness to the hearts of children through the realization of the dreams of seven cancer patients, As well as the launch of hope awareness contest launched annually during the month of Ramadan, which enables participants to answer questions through to win a daily prize worth QR 1000.

Activities and programs offered 2 [].jpgThe plan includes the launch of the voluntary service via SMS and private text messages customers Ooredoo exclusively, to be launched under the theme "Together we salute the hope in their hearts," where it will be available to anyone who wants to donate for the cancer patients who are unable to provide the cost of treatment to participate in helping this group of by sending a text message via mobile phone They are as follows: "20 QR" by sending a text message to the number 92 704, "QR 50" to the number 92705, "QR 100" to 92 706 .

Ramadan plan did not overlook the importance joy and happiness to the hearts of children, especially cancer patients through organized night "​Garangao" heritage Four Seasons Hotel, which is trying through which the merger between children and their parents of the patients in an atmosphere of togetherness and harmony. Believing QCS of the need to target all groups and segments of the community, including people with special needs, Charity is working on the launch of booklets about cancer in (Braille) for people with visual disabilities in collaboration with Qatari cultural and social center for the blind>

Activities and programs offered 3 [].jpg

It will also be organizing several events, including fasting and private breakfast patient medical and administrative staff and all of Rumailah Hospital and National Center for cancer care and Research, in the belief of QCS the importance of support patients psychologically and help them overcome this difficult phase. This is in addition to the launch of the distribution of water and dates on fasting before breakfast, through the use of large groups of volunteers and distributed to areas of Doha in order to carry out this humanitarian mission.