Posted on July 16, 2017

FIBA Asia Regional Office evaluation and educational staff arrived in Doha on Tuesday to inspect facilities and confer with QBF officials in relation to Qatar's hosting of the FIBA World Cup 2019 qualifying matches.

The site evaluation visit was conducted by Sport and Competitions Manager Marc Missirian while the educational workshops were presented by Communications Coordinator Hovsep Seraydarian and Data, Stats & Eligibility – Assistant Manager Maarouf Mawloud.

Qatar Basketball Federation Secretary General Ali Malki welcomed the FIBA Asia trio saying "It's great to have the FIBA representatives in Doha. With the federation preparing to host the qualifiers it’s vital that we are up to date on the rules and regulations according to FIBA”. “It is also imperative to have our playing facilities evaluated and approved pre tournament” Malki said. Talking about the brand FIBA Missirian said "FIBA is an international brand name so it’s important not only to deliver quality games but to do so at a standard where the global community and stakeholders are satisfied".

Al Attiya Sports Arena prefect 2 [].jpg

He continued “We visit host nations to help them better meet and prepare for the high standards of FIBA event deliverance. We also reinforce the federation’s obligations and responsibilities". When pressed on the preferred stadium Missirian said "Both stadiums comply with the requirements of FIBA but Al Attiya gives a different experience, it presents a higher international standard and appeal." For his part QBF Communications coordinator Samuel Rico said “FIBA’s visit to Doha is a standard routine. FIBA has set specific parameters as requirements to host qualifying matches and its important our venues meet the criteria".

Qatar is in group D of the FIBA World Cup 2019 qualifiers along with Iraq, Kazakhstan and Iran.  Qatar is scheduled to play three matches at home and three away. The first home match will be played later this year against Kazakhstan - 24 November. This will be followed by three consecutive away games before returning home to meet Iran and Iraq on 29 June and 2 July respectively. 

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