Posted on March 09, 2015

Al Faisal Without Borders Foundation (ALF) is planning to hold their biggest Destination Imagination (Wajeh Wujhatak) event to date with the 2015 National DI Finals at the QNCC, the new DI venue partner. Taking over nearly half of the huge venue, ALF is catering for 215 teams from 70 schools, made up of 1200 students, all competing in the Tournament on Saturday, 21st March 2015.

On this occasion, Mr. Abdullatif Al Yafei General Manager for AlFaisal Without Borders (ALF) said:” The aim of ALF in adopting this program is to support the achievement of Qatar Vision 2030, which aims to build an education system that keeps pace with the modern world. This system encourages analytical and critical thinking as well as creativity and innovation. It is through this unique program that ALF hopes to shed light on the importance of providing an opportunity for students to experience and develop imaginative and original ideas.”

“Thanks to the Almighty and to the directives of His Excellency Sheikh Faisal Bin Qassim Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of ALF, the Foundation adopted the implementation of this program, and we managed to get the rights of its implementation for the Middle East from the beginning of 2013,” he added.

Ali Mare, Executive Director of ALF, said: “The response to DI since we introduced it to Qatar schools last year has been overwhelmingly positive.  This year we have the prospect of sending 150 students in 22 teams to the global finals in the US, as DI has really captured the imagination of schools, students and their parents across the country.  We’re involving 200 volunteers to help make the National Finals run smoothly along with 215 team managers, also volunteers from schools, which shows how widespread this program has become.  Added to which we have enlisted 5 schools in Jordan to participate in DI, involving 175 students in 25 teams, 3 of which will be sent to compete in the global finals in the US, underlining our commitment to operate across borders.”

DI students who took part last year enjoyed the freedom of expression they found in the program.  As such they took on the roles of both teacher and learner in the process,widening their knowledge and making their skill acquisition deep and meaningful.  Talent development and teamwork are key aspects that underpin DI to ensure that students recognize their abilities, use them to the full and applaud the abilities of others. The DI program aims to empower students to acquire 21st century life skills such as public speaking, collaboration, project management, creativity and innovative thinking.

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The DI Qatar National Tournament this year will be held at the QNCC on Saturday, March 21st. Teams from all over Qatar will have the chance to support other teams as they present their solutions to the multidisciplinary challenges they tackle which combine scientific, technological and artistic knowledge. The winners of the tournament are chosen thorough an intense scoring process that highlights creativity, originality and innovation in both their planning process and in their actual solution.

While at the Tournament students and team managers will be able to visit an Innovation Expo showcasing creative services by experts who can help them try their hand at activities that strengthen creative development in science and the arts. At the Finals the winner of the DI pin design contest held at the 2014 DI National Tournament will be announced and students will have the opportunity to submit a design for next year’s pins at the AlF Booth at the Expo.

Going global

Because of the tremendous success of DI Qatar, in the past year, projections for next year are that as many as 150 schools, 3500 students in 500 teams will take part in a 4 day Tournament in 2016.

Qatar has been singled out by DI Headquarters to host the DI Qatar Invitational next year due to the exemplary growth of the program in the region by DI Headquarters. Qatar will hold the annual invitational with DI teams from around the world competing at the DI Qatar National Tournament 2016.  This cross cultural exchange will open doors in terms of communication, openness and knowledge.50 International Teams from countries such as Mexico, Poland, Turkey, China, US, Canada, Guatemala, Korea, Singapore, and Brazil will take part.