Posted on January 23, 2015
Al Rayan Municipality got eight new parks in Al Gharrafa, Al Sudan, Al Waab, Al Rayan, Abu Sidra, Al Rayan Al Jadid, Muithir and Al Shihaniya, said a senior official. The municipality has also announced to resume the service to kill rodents and insects in homesteads, farms and housing facilities, after suspending it two years ago.
“Three new parks in Al Laqta, Ain Khalid, Al Murra Al Sharqiyah are under construction and renovation will be completed soon,” Muqbil Al Shammari from the Services Department at the municipality told Qatar News Agency (QNA). Nine additional parks are to be built in coordination with the Public Parks Department and some roads and intersections are being renovated, he added. Some 5,000 sidr plants are also being laid.

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The service aims to make 3,823 homesteads and 1,281 farms rodent- and insect-free across the country by making it mandatory for owners to allow teams to carry out the task. If they refuse, then licences of farms and homesteads will be cancelled as bugs might harm neighbouring farms. A tender has been awarded to a company for three years to implement the project. Phase-1 started this month, with teams of the company visiting farms and homesteads to seek approval to carry out operations.
A survey is being conducted to make a list of affected facilities to start operation accordingly. Phase-II will start in mid-February and pesticides and other materials will be used to get rid of rodents. A new office to combat rodents has opened in Al Gharafa. A team has been trained and provided with equipment and vehicles to cover entire area under the municipality. On services at the municipality, Al Shammari said, “About 70 percent area of the municipality is suffering due to poor drainage services that left streets flooded. The municipality, in collaboration with Ashghal, is looking for a permanent solution.
source: The Peninsula