Posted on September 04, 2012

Qatar Museums Authority (QMA) and Al Rayyan TV agreed to cooperate in organizing Mal Lawal Exhibition, a new initiative in Qatar. Based on the agreement, Al Rayyan TV will be the official media sponsor of this exhibition. The principal sponsor of Mal Lawal (“from the Old Days” in Arabic) exhibition is Occidental Petroleum of Qatar (OXY).

This exhibition will consist of two parts: one dedicated to collectors and their objects, which come both from Qatar and other parts of the world, and the other featuring artworks by three generations of cotemporary Qatari artists. The exhibition will be held from 12 September until 11 October 2012 in the Alriwaq Doha exhibition space covering 5000 square meters, located next to the Museum of Islamic Art.

Commenting on this new sponsorship agreement with Al Rayyan TV, QMA CEO Mansoor Al Khater said: “We are delighted to work alongside Al Rayyan TV which will be the official media sponsor of Mal Lawal exhibition. Al Rayyan TV is the only channel in Qatar targeting the Qatari society as its main audience and with which we share the same mission of promoting Qatari heritage and values. We thank Al Rayyan TV for generously sponsoring this exhibition and we hope for future cooperation opportunities between QMA and Al Rayyan TV.”

The idea of the exhibition stems from QMA’s ambition to strengthen its role in promoting and preserving art and world heritage. Through this exhibition, QMA also aims to emphasise its continuous role in supporting Qatari and foreign collectors, as well as Qatari artists. It also serves to create a space that allows visitors to learn about the objects that exist within Qatar and which have an historic, cultural, or personal value. All of which is linked to Qatar's National Vision 2030,

Sheikh Hamad bin Abdullah bin Jasim Al Thani, who is participating with a large number of objects ranging from old pictures and manuscripts, natural pearls, to large pieces of ambergris, will be the exhibition’s guest of honor. The other participating collectors will be showcasing objects related to Qatari heritage, as well as books, maps, coins, antiques, weaponry, and much more. Also, a special part of this exhibition will be dedicated to vintage photos of Qatar on display for the first time and collected by Mr Naser al-Othman.