Posted on August 23, 2019

The Public Control Section at the Municipal Control Department in Al Sheehaniya Municipality conducted in July, a number of inspections on abandoned vehicles within the administrative boundaries of the municipality. During the campaign 101 abandoned vehicles were removed by the Public Control Section of the municipality.

Furthermore some of the owners of the abandoned vehicles have removed their own cars after the department concerned put stickers warning and asking them to remove their properties before the municipality state the campaign. In similar context of cleaning campaign the Municipality of Al Shamal represented by the Department of Services in cooperation with the Department of Public Hygiene launched a campaign aiming at removing debris  of mangroves trees scattered in various areas in the Corniche of Al Shamal.

The campaign is part of the continuous campaign taking place in different municipalities to maintain the cleanliness of beaches in the State of Qatar. During the campaign, 130 truckloads of mangrove remnants were transported to the Arish landfill in the Al Shamal Municipality.

source: The Peninsula