Posted on June 28, 2018

Many tourism projects targeting leisure attractions in Al Wakrah have been studied and will be executed as part of the development plans aligning with the rapid population expansion the municipality has witnessed over the past five years, according to the Director of the Municipality Control Department of Al Wakrah Municipality Mohammad Saleh al Marri.

In an interview with Qatar Tribune recently, Marri said that future projects include the development of Al Wakrah families' beach, the revamping of Al Wakrah coastline through the establishment of pathways, lighting and services, in addition to the renovation of Al Wakrah Park. According to the Municipality Control Director, the fast-paced advancement that Al Wakrah witnessed is expected to grow during the next five years with the expansion of the residential areas and the distribution of public lands. He added that the expansion of the municipality in terms of residential areas, services and entertainment venues aims to ease the overcrowded areas and traffic in Doha city. 

Marri further noted that the government services complex in Al Wakrah offers residents all the services that are available in the country's ministries within a single unified location and through a team of comprehensive-skilled employees. "The latest addition to the government services complex is the employment of a legal court judge within the department of the Ministry of Justice," he added. The Director explained that the centre operates in double shifts during the mornings and afternoons to provide for the demand.

Marri also said that the reason behind the population growth not only include the distribution of public lands but also the fast development of roads and infrastructure. "Al Wakrah is now connected to areas around it, such as Doha and Messaied, through a greater number of enhanced highways and exits which facilitate the transportation for residents. And many new industrial areas are being incorporated within the municipality's borders. Moreover, Al Wakrah General Hospital which is complementary to Hamad General Hospital in Doha also facilitates the residents' access to health services and we even have patients from Doha referred to Al Wakrah hospital," Marri explained.

He added that the opening of Hamad Port also promoted the population growth as the port attracted employees, clients and service providers to Al Wakrah. Furthermore, the director highlighted that Al Wakrah's Souq Waqif attracts even Doha residents who wish to avoid the overcrowd Doha Souq Waqif, especially in the winter season. He also noted that there has been an increase in the number of schools within Al Wakrah and new international schools have been opened such as the American school and an Indian school with large numbers of students.

source: Qatar Tribune