Posted on December 23, 2014

AlFaisal Without Borders Foundation flew a team of five students from Amna Bint Wahab Independent Preparatory School for Girls to compete in the Destination Imagination (DI), Wajeh Wujhatak, China Tournament held in Beijing from 4-7 December 2014.

500 DI China teams and 25 international teams from Qatar, Mexico, Canada, USA, and Poland participated in the event. The Opening Ceremony was attended by 3, 500 students, over 50 VIP officials representing China and DI Headquarters and more than 500 spectators and team managers. Each team including Qatar’s, joined the Opening Parade around the arena holding their country flag and country name banner to the sound of their national anthem.

ALF flies Qatar team to compete in 2 [qatarisbooming.jpgALF Executive Director Ali Mar’e, commented: “After our success with the Destination Imagination, Wajeh Wujhatak, program last year, we took our Qatar team from Amna Bint Wahab Independent Preparatory School for Girls to compete in the international China Tournament as a once in a lifetime experience to perform alongside international teams and to visit China.  We are delighted with their success and congratulate them for coming 4th against 18 other teams – an outstanding achievement.” The event was sponsored by Disney with a visit from Mickey (Mouse) and Minnie (Mouse) as well as a Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu performance which wowed the audience.  Then the international teams were presented with their 24 hour Extreme Challenge by Disney.

The challenge required teams to create a new invention that was inspired by one of four Chinese discoveries:  Printing, The Compass, Silk and The Kite, all presented as time capsules.  Teams had to write their story about their chosen invention telling how it would benefit the world, how it worked, and what would happen should it fall into the wrong hands.  Teams had to include how original team-created characters would use one of these ancient Chinese inventions to inspire the design and creation of a new Invention.

ALF flies Qatar team to compete in 3 [qatarisbooming.jpgThe Qatar team were assigned the Compass as an inspiring Chinese invention and for their solution created a device which could find people anywhere in the world by combining compass technology and DNA reading. Their presentation was filled with scientific concepts and terminology giving credit to the Arabic educational system. The Qatar team came in 4th in their category of Middle Level against 18 other teams and each team member received a Disney Medal for competing.

While in China the Qatar team also had the chance to expand their cultural knowledge on a guided tour of Beijing, taking in the sights of Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, a Silk Factory and a Tea Room, where they learnt about Chinese culture.

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