Posted on February 15, 2020

Alfardan Group has inaugurated “Tariqi”, a program that initially started in 2006 with an intention to offer students unique opportunities to receive funding for their undergraduate education and embark on their working careers with one of the region’s fastest growing conglomerates.

The announcement came on the 15th anniversary of the program that is intended to develop human capital of the country by providing financial support to any student who can meet the criteria of the program regardless of their nationality. The program covers all registered and accredited higher institutes of learning in the State of Qatar.

Alfardan Group, which operates in multiple sectors; jewellery, automotive, property development, hospitality, marine, exchange and healthcare, covers the full tuition of the student’s undergraduate program. Successful applicants will be introduced to the professional world through internships and training courses, they will also be given the opportunity to join Alfardan Group and its subsidiaries following their graduation.

“”Tariqi” is committed to supporting students in achieving their life goals through education. What’s great about this program is that it doesn’t see education as a privilege but rather as a universal aspiration. This is why we are offering it to all nationalities,” said Omar Hussain Alfardan, President and CEO of Alfardan Group. “As we celebrate 15 years of unwavering support of education, we renew our goal to invest in the next generation with the right education so they can play a vital role in the development of society and economy.”

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