Posted on May 11, 2018

Protection and Social Rehabilitation Center (AMAN) launched an application that will be the first e-service enabling children to call for help on mobile if they are harmed in anyway.

The launch of the application was in conjunction with the celebration of the International Child Helpline Day, which is celebrated on May 17 of each year. The application can be accessed through mobile and smart devices to help children, and provide them with the necessary protection to enable reporting of abuse or violence. Child can call for help through writing as well as through a recorded voice message. They can also document the abuse with images. The service can be easily downloaded through mobile stores and smartphones’ virtual application stores.

CEO of Qatar Foundation for Social Work (QFSW) Amal Al Mannai, said that this initiative is in line with the existing legislation in Qatar and the relevant general principles and guidelines in addition to the international conventions ratified by the State. She mentioned in particular the convention on the Rights of the Child, which Qatar joined in 1995 and said that it details the establishment of safe and declared mechanisms to ensure confidentiality and easy recourse, to enable children to report violence through free telephone lines available throughout the day, and other information and communication technology.