Posted on January 17, 2019

The Times Higher Education (THE) Emerging Economies Summit concludes with the announcement of the results of the world rankings of the Times Foundation for Higher Education for the year 2019, an important event for higher education institutions around the world.

The summit is organized by THE in partnership with Qatar University (QU) under the theme “Building University Impact Through Resilience and Innovation.” It is the first event of its kind in the Arab world with participation from over 240 researchers and educators from around the world, more than 35 university presidents and 110 speakers, during the three-day summit sessions. Phil Baty, Chief Knowledge Officer at Times Higher Education held the honor of announcing the results, where QU continued to be ranked first in the International Outlook Indicator category, an honor it has held since 2015. The International Outlook Indicator used by THE is made up of three components: proportion of international students, proportion of international faculty and international collaboration.

THE announce latest rankings 2 [].jpg

It was also announced that QU was ranked in a highly coveted spot at the Top 100 universities in the Emerging Economies Ranking, taking 32nd place for the year 2019. The Emerging Economies Ranking measures teaching, research, research impact, industry income and international outlook. Ranking high among stiff competition with international universities proves as a testament to QU’s quality in faculty, academic programs, the solid partnerships that have grown exponentially throughout the years and a growing international reputation.

Dr. Hassan Al-Derham spoke at Tuesday’s gala dinner where he welcomed guests and highlighted QU’s broad achievements and the university’s role in research. He says, “Research was and will continue to be the cornerstone of our efforts and we understand our role as Qatar’s first national institution of higher education. QU is a vital partner for Qatar’s future prosperity and we are currently taking the lead in advancing a rich, sustainable research culture throughout our teaching and learning environment and within the wider educational and research spectrum in Qatar and the region.”

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Dr. Hassan Al-Derham added, “QU has a strategic plan for the years ahead, which will enable us to tackle the barriers to success that our students face. We are implementing a holistic response to support our students, beginning at the high school level through various programs, right up to graduation and beyond, with a growing number of master and PhD programs, thereby instilling a comprehensive plan for success that directly benefits each of our students.” The summit includes experts from the Times Higher Education organization and various leaders in the field of higher education and industry, which aims to share experiences in building and developing knowledge economies that will benefit societies with emerging economies and in developing countries.