Posted on June 13, 2015

With the holy month of Ramadan fast approaching, Action on Diabetes (AoD) has teamed up with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) and Qatar Diabetes Association (QDA) to offer a number of awareness-raising workshops to enable patients with diabetes to better manage their condition and ensure safer fasting.

The first event, held at Women’s Hospital – a member of HMC – in Doha last week was aimed at pregnant women with diabetes. More than 30 women attended the workshop, which was led by Dr Buthaina al Owainati, a leading consultant at HMC. The practical session covered a range of topics and included advice and recommendations on how to manage diabetes during Ramadan as well as tips and recommendations from Action on Diabetes health practitioners.

On Wednesday 10 June, Action on Diabetes organized a similar event at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Doha, organized and run in collaboration with Qatar Diabetes Association. Aimed at a broader group of patients with diabetes, the session aims to educate attendees about precautions to observe while fasting and how to more safely manage their condition and medication during Ramadan.

Dr Buthaina al Owainati, Consultant at Hamad Medical Cooperation said: “For people living with diabetes, the decision to fast during Ramadan can present challenges, particularly because people will alter their eating patterns and regular exercise routines during this time. At HMC, we are committed to helping patients in managing this change to avoid any complications during Ramadan and to fast in the safest way possible. We hope that these workshops will educate patients and decrease the number of complications at this important time.”

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Action on Diabetes advises patients with the condition that are planning to fast during Ramadan to speak to a consultant or physician beforehand to advise on the most suitable medication or dietary plans. In addition, patients are advised to carefully monitor their blood sugar levels, maintain a healthy and balanced diet, and where possible to engage in moderate physical activity such as stretching and walking.

Herluf Nis Thomsen, the Senior Project Manager at Action on Diabetes, said: “We are delighted to partner with Hamad Medical Cooperation and the Qatar Diabetes Association to deliver these important sessions designed to educate people living with diabetes on the safest way to fast during Ramadan. At Action on Diabetes, our goal is to raise awareness of the risk factors associated with diabetes, enable people with the condition to reduce the risks they face and encourage screening to prevent diabetes through early detection.”

These latest workshops are part of an ongoing program of education, awareness and screening activities being organized by Action on Diabetes in the run-up to and during Ramadan. For questions or enquiries during Ramadan, contact the Qatar Diabetes Association hotline on: 44547311 or 55274919 from 08:30 am until 01:30 pm. For medication instruction or more information, contact the Hamad Medical Corporation & Primary Health Care hotline on: 55981331 from 08:00 pm until 11:00 pm.